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Client: Mandira Bungalow

Pick your hideaway from three cosy colonial havens. Return to the past with all its traditions and trimmings and simply indulge in the luxuries of yesteryear.

Though an air of peace and calm may reign over the mountains, there are plenty of activities even nearby to keep you busy, for the ‘up country’ is as rich and varied as the tea it is famed for. The unique sights and sounds of colourful festivals, ancient places of historical interest, and a wealth of traditions from diverse cultures are all yours to experience first-hand.

Many colonial landmarks also abound – the historic Darawala club, and the beautiful Warleigh church for instance. The nearby towns and villages, temples and shrines offer a novel cultural experience too. If you get tired of exploring you can opt for a time of quiet meditation with a Yoga session or indulge in some in-room spa therapy treatment to sooth the aches away.